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Email us at:

Call our Director at:601-214-4044

Mail to us at: 775 North Congress Street, Jackson, MS 39202

Come see us at: 1025 Central Street, Jackson, MS 39203 (One Block South of Poindexter Elementary School)

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Director Ms. Keyana (Keyana Hawthorne) is our Director. She leads us and inspires us in everything we do in our Club.
Founder Mr. Brad (Brad Pigott) is the Co-Founder and Main Volunteer at our Club.
Teacher Mr. Donteus (Donteus Hubbard) teaches us art every week. He does amazing art when he is by himself.
Assistant Director Ms. Mapp (Monique Mapp) is our Assistant Director. She leads our Book Club and helps us in everything we do.
Co-Founder Ms. Margaret (Margaret Pigott) is our co-founder, and helps our Club do all kinds of things.